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Perfection is societies way of killing off the truly unique.

Perfection is for those who can not think for themselves.


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  •  I see women who are above a size 8 and I think to myself, they are beautiful and they have rockin bods. But then when I look at myself I feel hatred and rage, I feel everything but beautiful. Why can't I look at myself the way I gaze at others, totaly struck by thier beauty. Why can't I look at myself as a masterpiece when I can look at others with the mindset that they were sculpted by angels? I am all I have, I am all I ever will possess,why is it so hard to accept what I am?

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    sammmmmyyyyy asked: Just started following you and i absolutely love your hair your beautiful abd i love your blog! Stay 100% you

    Aww! Thankyou so much!! You made my day 😘💋

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    There’s a brief moment when you first wake up where you have no memories, a blissful blank slate, a happy emptiness, but it doesn’t last long and you remember exactly where you are and what you are trying to forget.
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